The First Pushers Led to This



Pushed out at birth

Pushed to crawl, smile, stand, eat

Pushed for grades and degrees

To find the right partner

To buy the right house

To purchase the right goods

To look the right way



Push for more money

Push your way in

Push the pusher for pills

To perform even better

To climb the ladder

To party harder

To sunburn elsewhere



To push the envelope

Then push the boat out



Not get the push

Nor be pushed to the wall

If needed, get another push start

Or at a push, push your luck


Till finally

Pushed aside

Pushed over

Pushing up the daisies



When push comes to shove

I am not a pusher but I can push back




Push:  Middle English (as a verb): from Old French pousser, from Latin pulsare ‘to push, beat, pulse.  Pulse: late Middle English: from Latin pulsus ‘beating’, from pellere ‘to drive, beat’.