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"Iseult has been a complete pleasure to work with.


She took on a project to research and write original copy on a wide range of subjects to a high standard and a tight deadline. In the event, she did more than this by adopting a lively, positive approach to the task and producing creative copy with a unique stamp.


Iseult is a true professional who can be relied on to deliver quality work on time or even ahead of schedule."


tHom Doria

Written Content Manager
vVoosh Limited


"I have had the privilege of being a student to Iseult through various mediums: writing, acting, editing, directing.  I have nothing but admiration for her work.  


Her attention to detail is impeccable, coupled with an innate ability to interpret every word to its fullest to draw every ounce of meaning from a texct.  


Technical precision with artistic direction, great combination!  Keep up the great work Iseult, I  look forward to seeing more!"


Script Consultant

“I am writing on behalf of Iseult Healy who I hired as a Script Editor for my screenplay "A Fugitive’s Tale."


She is a pleasure to work with and gave excellent feedback.  Iseult’s professionalism is concise, efficient and impressive.  Iseult’s notes helped distill the number of scenes and amount of dialogue to their essence.  I was reminded to keep the conflict rising across the three acts.  Her technical feedback was invaluable in preparation for placing the screenplay before directors, producers, and actors.


Iseult made great suggestions in refining the Irish idiom that is part of the language of the screenplay. As luck would have it, she is living in England and is of Irish descent. She therefore had an interest in the surrounding history of the story, as well as bringing humanity to the project.


I look forward to further collaborations with Iseult."    


Story editing

"Fantastic personality to work with; very efficient in time management. Iseult kindly edited my first novel, a complicated and a controversial project.


She is also well traveled, and has a hands-on experience in the hot spots.


She also has a great ability to direct and has on-set script and continuity experience.”  


July 28, 2011

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